A garota X
Sou uma garota brasileira que gosta de muitas coisas.
Amo arquivo x e o mistério que cerca a vida e o Universo.
Também sou apaixonada por comédia e romances.
Bom, não tem muito para saber mim, mas você podem participar do que eu faço e gosto.

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Rita Lee com Fernanda Montenegro

Rita Lee com Fernanda Montenegro


A still sleepy Gillian Anderson playfully encourages you all to bid on our 166 doodles that range from silly to whimsical to brilliant works of art!

Gillian has been a dedicated supporter of the Neurofibromatosis (NF) Network for over 20 years. Her brother, Aaron, passed away in 2011 from an NF-related brain tumor at age 30. A year ago, she spoke with Global Genes about him and her advocacy work for NF. Click here to read the interview.

The annual Doodle4NF auction benefits the NF Network which funds research and programs of support and education. Their mission is to find better treatments and, someday, a cure for NF. They cannot do it without your help. Gillian and the NF Network are very grateful for everyone’s generous support in all the various ways it takes to make this auction a success.

Our Doodle4NF auction will end on Sunday, May 18th, for most of the doodles. The auction of the 32 doodles labeled #2 will end on Monday, May 19th.

Click here to go to the auction and HAVE FUN BIDDING!


(Source: gorgeousgillian)



Dana Scully/Gillian Anderson continuity polaroids {click to enlarge}

After Buzz TV: Gillian Anderson at the NBC/Universal 2014 TCA Winter Press Tour.


Found in the DePaul basement: Gillian Anderson in 1987, as a freshman


Found in the DePaul basement: Gillian Anderson in 1987, as a freshman

(Source: dance-of-st-vidus)